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    Sorry if this has been covered. Just wondering what mods if any we have to do to use E10 fuel?

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    Since these mixtures have been in use in the USA for along time before coming to Europe, the NSX should be fine.

    Gasoline Containing Alcohol
    To increase the octane rating, some gasoline companies blend alcohol with their gasoline. They normally use either ethanol (ethyl or grain alcohol) or methanol (methyl or wood alcohol). You can use a gasoline/alcohol blend in your car if its octane rating is 91 or higher. However, you should check its contents carefully first.
    Gasoline blended with ethanol is sometimes marketed as gasohol. You can use gasohol in your car if it contains no more than 10% ethanol by volume.
    From the 1991 owner's manual
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    No mods required for the factory spec NSX to run E10 fuel ...

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