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Thread: steering rack rebuild options?

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    Hi Guys,

    I've got issues with my steering rack & would like to replace it, or get it rebuilt. I've had no reply from nsxrackrepair in the States. Ideally, I'd like to fit an exchange item as I don't have the space to leave the car dismantled.
    The car is a UK 1996 targa.


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    Don't think it will help but I have an NA2 unit sat on the shelf, fully overhauled by NSX Rack repair with Plus package and never even opened (it's a long story...). 53601-SL0-040. It won't be cheap though, and I'd only be interested in an outright sale as your rack isn't compatible with my car. Lings seem to have a new one for your car available but nearly 10k.

    Just in case mine might work, Simon (NSXGB) was selling an 03 steering controller, so you might be able to fix something up and upgrade to NA2 steering but caveat emptor.
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    Kaz has a post here about compatibility of the various racks with the various controllers:

    Good luck!

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