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    Default 2020 f1

    9 days into 2020, so an F1 thread is well overdue!

    Max has shown significant faith in Redbull and Honda to deliver a championship contesting car, having signed through to the end of 2023. Presumably he knows rather more than the rest of us about Honda's plans beyond the end of 2021?

    The first (mis!)information regarding how the teams are looking for the coming season will come from the Barcelona tests, February 19 to 21, and 26 to 28.

    Anyone here planning to attend any of the races this year? I'm in the advanced stages of planning a trip with my eldest to Hanoi in early April.

    Across the pond, I see that Andretti racing are looking to have Fernando in one of their cars for the Indy 500. As they run Honda engines, I imagine that there will be some 'interesting' conversations going on behind the scenes!!!
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    What's the reliability of contracts in F1 nowadays (in the past some were not worth more than the paper they were printed on )? I guess he has an exit clause. I hope to see him fitting for the CS.

    My interesting in F1 is sleeping until the Barcelona tests and the first race.

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    I'll be at Melbourne for the season opener - 56 days and counting until light out!
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