Hi Guys,

Dimer, Jeroen and myself have put together a program for the 2020 event.

NSX-CE Tour 2020, 30 years of the Honda NSX

2020 marks the 30th anniversary of the NSX being sold worldwide after being introduced in 1989 in both Chicago and Tokyo. It also marks the 7th official NSX Club Europe Tour. After last years event we have received valuable feedback from attendees, most of it we tried and incorporate in this event already and some will be found in the 2021 edition seeing the 2020 program was already partially made.

This year we will be offering both a 3 night and 2 night option, this seeing last years event was over before we could blink and we wanted to create a more laid back atmosphere giving the owners more time to socialise and catch up. Furthermore we have found several amazing venues to celebrate the 30th anniversary.

More information and registration page can be found here:


Registration closes 05-01-2020 20:00 CET, 50 spots available first come first serve basis.