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Thread: SPEED-HUNTERS Project NSX: Dreams Of Power Part On

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    Default SPEED-HUNTERS Project NSX: Dreams Of Power Part On

    I just love the way this NSX is taken from it's origanol design and then thoughtfully transformed into what the owner always dreamt of owning:

    You can just tell this guy is in love with his Charlotte green NSX:

    The exhaust and headers were of a very unusual design but fitted with great care as you'll see:

    So if you like your NSX mechanically up rated then you'll definitely enjoy this editorial, great easy to understand write up combined with some great photos of the entire build from start to finish:

    Then in went the seats, a lot of thought and build quality went into this important choice:

    And now maybe the most important part of exploiting all this power and poise are choosing the tyres and brakes and suspension:

    Saying goodbye:
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    Interesting stuff - thanks for posting.
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    interesting article - I read in one breath
    cool that you posted


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