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    Hi All,

    Always on the look out for someone to meet up and came across this place (or seemingly several of them)

    Seem to be catering for mini meets with the clear objective of selling accommodation and food/drinks, which is fine by me. Would appear to be gaining in popularity. Anyone else come across them or even visited and can share feedback?

    ANy chance someone more local could take a look and advise? Centrally based so could be appeal to a wider range of members.

    Look forward to hearing from anyone and for a mini meet being arranged.

    regards, Paul

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    I think Martin Willis has been to it.

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    I went a few weeks ago, we had our work Christmas lunch there and I and some other work colleagues, were looking forward to it, as we'd been watching with interest a new place to visit. To be honest I wasn't that impressed and nor were my work colleagues, the place isn't that big. The car park wouldn't hold a large group of vehicles and the pub/restaurant itself wasn't too large either and our group had to eat in the large Teepee they'd set up on the outside lawn. At best it was a slightly themed pub, towards things automotive. Food wasn't the best either, maybe this will improve as time goes on. If a large group turned up for a meet, it could be a bit chaotic.

    If you want a place to meet in the Midlands area, I'd recommend the British Motor Museum, only five minutes from Caffeine Machine, where the AGM meet was last June. Far more to look at and better parking facilities.

    Anyway, that's my opinion, I'm sure others may have a different one.

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    Been a few times, mostly casually (opening weekend, breakfast or just killing time). Nice vibe to it, nicely appointed inside - Phil and co have really thought about it, some lovely touches, and a genuine 100-RON petrolhead feel to the place. Weekends always have a good variety of metal around (so far - opening weekend was utterly mental with greater variety than even Silverstone Classic manages), and there's gravel parking enough for >>50 cars, plus grass overflow during the warmer months and drier winter days. That said, I think I see where wixer is coming from - it's a wholly new venture for these guys and they're learning as they go...I'd go for a casual burger-lunch or a sausage batch for breakfast, but probably not for a formal meal...and I don't think that sort of thing is their intention, or at least not their focus. They're also not staffed-up enough for big crowds. Place for an NSX-meet - perfect. Place for a 911 Owners Club meet...yeah, probably not! I've been to Gaydon multiple times and found it interesting but sterile, and wholly focused on British cars. C&M is an open house in that regard and you'll always find something interesting to pore over and an owner or two to chat to.
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