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Thread: Door locks clicking

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    I'm sure this is a common problem that's been dealt with before, but I'm struggling to find a previous reference . . .

    When I unlock my NSX (using key, remote, or unlock switch), the doors unlock and the posts come up, but then keep clicking away as though they are still trying to unlock the doors.

    I have found that a little pressure to the driver's door lock post will stop the cycle.

    Whats the culprit? A little micro switch somewhere not recognising that the locks have operated?

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    Seen on many NSX but unfortunately, there are many causes so it could be a quick fix but also you may end up taking the door window rear guide rail out of the door panel that would change your glass alignment.

    If you remove the door card and look at the rear end, you will see multiple rods and cam mechanism linked by the plastic fasteners.
    Sometimes, just cleaning the cam could fix your issue.

    Others had worn plastic fasteners and replacing them fixed the issue.
    Replacing the fastener where the rod from the rear sash inserted would be fun....

    Also, this very rod from the rear sash (the lever where you open the door from outside) could get loose and cause issue as well.

    The most time consuming one is accessing the door lock assy or the anti-theft switch.

    As you seemed to have no issues with the false alarm, the anti-theft side seemed to be fine.

    Because it's time consuming and not designed to be opened, unless doing DIY, cheaper to replace the whole assy although not cheap.

    If opening, you need to understand how each rod/cam/switch interact each other.
    Might as well, open the anti-theft sw and give a good clean at the contacts.

    Please note that you will be forced to remove the rear guide rail and if doing it, you better check the state of 4 x sliders at the door glass.
    They are known to get loose.
    One of the most popular reason for glass alignment issue on our NSX.


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    I have this since more than 10 years but very seldomly and interestingly only when it's cold (below 10 deg. C). Never did anything about it and won't do in the future after reading the post of Kaz with all possible caused and the labor/time involved.

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    That's not an unreasonable approach to take.

    Mine used to be intermittent, but now it seems to be every time I unlock the door.

    I'd hoped it would be a fiddly but possibly DIY switch change job, but this sounds more like a deeply involved complete rebuild of the guts of the door . . . oof. Oh, and the door lock unit is ~340.

    I might be tempted to take the door card off and have a fiddle if I get a spare weekend, but otherwise I think this might be a job for spring . . . and maybe a dealer who will fit and adjust a new door lock for a fixed labour charge!

    Thanks Kaz!

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