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Thread: Scottish NSX owners

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    Hi guys,

    I am new to the NSX world and would like to meet up with other NSX owners in and around Central Scotland.

    Any interest?



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    I'm in Lanarkshire so probably not far from you. Would need to be quick though - my car will likely be sorned at the end of the month.

    I've been roped into taking part in the Six Flags event at Knockhill this coming Sunday;-

    I'm one of the cars offering passenger rides around the circuit at lunchtime. Apparently someone has offered to pay the NSX's weight in s...

    Just in case you want to attend - looks like a fairly big event.

    2001 Honda NSX Indy Yellow
    2002 Caterham R300 Superlight Reflex Blue SOLD

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    Unfortunately won't be able to make knockhill as I am working.

    If there are other owners what to meet before the winter at another location then I would be up for it.


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    Good to know there is another owner in Central Scotland . My car is off the road at the moment .

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    Looks as though most folk are taking the cars off the road at the end of the month. Might be better to arrange for next year.



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    Made it through the Six Flags Event at Knockhill today unscathed - great driving my car on the track (except for the brakes, started to wilt a bit after a few laps).

    Up for arranging a meet early next year (my car should be back on the road for April).

    Waz - feel free to come over to my place and meet up before then. Always happy to talk about cars in general / NSXs and Hondas in particular (including my other, latest addition - a 1992 CRX Vti with transtop roof in samba green).
    2001 Honda NSX Indy Yellow
    2002 Caterham R300 Superlight Reflex Blue SOLD

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    I remember seeing a CRX Vti with trans-top and body kit including sill extensions and matching deeper front and rear bumper parts in Watford back in the mid 90's - it looked pretty good.
    I used to have the 2 previous versions of the car (UK equivalent of EF7 & EF8 hatch/coupe) and didn't warm to their standard (EG1 & EG2) replacement (except the above).
    December '99 GH-NA2 110 series - 6AS62 Type S in Monte Carlo Blue Pearl

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