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    hi! My name is Christian and I am from Austria. I own my NSX for about 10 years now and bought it ith 52000km in Austria, a red 1991 one completly stock but exhaust.

    I learnd much about performance tuning since 1999 when I had an Integra type-R and build it up for track driving. Turbo, suspension, clutch, you know, that complete stuff: 515hp with 1050kg and it was that fast on the track, all the Porsche, Lambo, F-guys could not believe it including me, everystime I get into this car I was like: WTF, there is nothing quicker than maybe a airplane. I sold this car 3 years ago to a racing team in switzerland.

    But, on the NSX, which should be daily driveable in all condition, I did not want to open the engine, so I decided to go the weight-reducing route. The car weights actualy just exact 1220kg with full tank of gas (not me in the car) Thats about 150kg less then oem MY1991 has. I also weighted my father stock 1991 which had exact 1370kg with full tank and w/o driver. This weight reduction is equal to 330hp, that means you need 330hp in your 1370kg NSX to have the same power to weight ratio than a 1220kg NSX with 303hp. ...and you have the benefits of quicker curve-speed and better break performance and of course better suspension reaction.

    engine cover, the hocks on all 4 corners, air condition, radio, airbag with ecu und sensors, radio antenna and cable, auto cruise with computer, tools, spare wheel with brackets and some misc parts which I do not remeber while I am writing this

    upgraded for weight reduction, oveall performacne parts and/or rising power
    taitec headers and exhaust, race cat converters, downforce intake scoop, procar airbox
    Momo tuner steering wheel, NSX-R ALB system, NA2 1997+ brake system all around with steel brake lines,
    NSX-R chassie bar and stabilizer, 2002+ rear lower part of bumper and
    complete front conversion with halogen Euro headlights.
    Procar front bumper beam, Volk ce28n in 17/17 combo with Bridgestone Potenza RE050A 215/40/17 and 255/40/17 NSX-R spec, KW v.3 suspension, JUN flywheel

    dynoed @ 303hp after this mods. dyned @ 280hp before this mods.

    things coming in 2015:
    painting the head lights in matt black, aluminium rear bumper beam (made by Metabro), ultra light Lithium iron batterie, ducted NSX-R style hood with bumper undertray and batterie undertray, NSX-R rear diffusor, NSX-R tail lights. Goal is to get below 1200kg.

    I always say, the NSX should have about 370hp and there is realy not much left which can beat it, especialy when it weights just 1200kg like mine does. We are talking of 3,25kg/ per hp, which is in the same playground like many modern supercars.

    I have an 2nd project NSX which is still in build, but we dyno tuned the engine already with 3.0litre displacment, comptech cams and sprokets, 11.5:1 CR forged pistons, taitec exhaust, procar cats and SoS big bore TB with AEM v2 ECU, RDX injectors, supertech valve train and got out 362hp with just this "little" mods. We had another engine with about the same mods, but SoS ITBs and got out 395hp. And one more engine with same mods but Toda cams, 3,5 litre brian crower stroker kit: 490hp. it can be done the N/A way!

    ...I try to keep this post up to date.

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    2018 setup:

    ...finaly made the 3,5i to the Dyno!

    3,5 Liter stroker kit with Toda C: ~330 wheel PS, 391PS to engine and 391NM!

    Video link to the dynorun:

    Dynosheets my old 3,0 vs new 3,5

    Compare a 3,0 with Toda killers and ITBs: 416PS built by my engine tuner also. Look how the bottleneck the oem TB is vs the free breathing ITB engine. With ITBs there would be easy 60PS more on my 3,5....that means about 460PS!

    Wing Commander


    1/4 mile times 9% uphill - same track - 6 years of evolution - comparison.

    SETUP 2012: nearly stock. Taitec headers and GTLW. Curbweight about 40kg less than stock.
    14,73 seconds

    SETUP 2013: nearly stock, no changes to 2012 what I remember
    14,62 seconds

    SETUP 2014: heavy weight reduction: front end conversion, cf bumper beams, removed AC, Soundsystem, etc.... about 110kg less curbweight than stock
    14,33 seconds

    SETUP 2015: some more weight reduction. about 145kg less than stock
    14,12 seconds

    SETUP 2016: no race, cause heavy rain. 3.0 engine mods to 348bhp, AEM V2, Exedy twin carbon clutch. Some aero-mods like NSX-R undertray and wing.... about 160kg less than stock curb weight, 303bhp dynoed

    SETUP 2017: all out weight reduction. stripped interior except dashboard and seats, cg b-pillars and side ducts. About 180kg less than stock
    13,46 seconds

    2012-2015 on 255 wide Bridgestone Potenza RE050A and always about 30 degree hot summer day
    2017 on 285 wide Federal 595RSR and about 20 degree mild sunny day.

    PS: On a straight line the car is about 1 Seconds faster. I did a 12,4x at Eurospeedway in Germany this year on Yokohama a048 285ish wide. My allignment setup is for track racing. I bet with less camber there is less wheelspin and 0,3 seconds better times possible?
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    The yearly 1/4 mile race: 13,02 (393PS / 1190kg)

    Video of the start
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    step by step to the 500+ hp club. ....all above 470hp would make me very happy!

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