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Crank Pulley 01

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Although this NSX had several timing belt service in the past, as seen on almost all of the UK NSX, the crank pulley was never replaced after leaving the factory in Japan.

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So, itís time to replace it.

This NSX has very low mileage for its age and the owner looked after it very well that there were not much rust around the lower part of the chassis.

However, after removing the crank pulley, I noticed white powder like debris towards the rearward of the timing belt (TB) cover.

It was the trace of coolant seepage from the water pump (WP).

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On most of the NSX based in UK, the WP was not replaced during the TB service especially, if it was at low mileage.

Personally, I donít like this idea as I saw WP failure even on low mileage NSX.

This NSX was still using the original design WP (and TB lower cover) that you can no longer buy.

All of the replacement parts were upgraded to the later spec.

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There was tiny residue of old green coolant at the drain hole of WP.

It was the remaining fluid inside the lower cover tube or the old one stayed inside the WP bearing shaft as the colour of the coolant inside the system was blue.

Please make sure to have your WP replaced at the next TB service even you donít drive your NSX regularly.

Will fit the new pulley later as I want to take out the drive shaft first.

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