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Today at Atelier Kaz - ex-Honda R&D, F1, Indy/CART engineer

Honda-day - British Motor Museum

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This event was at the end of July.

Thank you to Thomas at Type R SouthEast Owners Club for organising this.

Also, thank you goes to sorepaws on here for interfacing with them with multiple requests for displaying the NSX.

Really nice watching younger generations organising large gathering and displaying the cars beautifully.
Just for this reason, I now joined their group so hope I can offer them something in the future.

Nice meeting some of you on here.

Always lovely chatting with NSX 2000 with his white NC1 and Mugen Type-R.

Missed the opportunity talking to the owner of silver one and another NC1 in red.

Mixed weather with gusty wind so spent much of the day inside the museum.
So much to see and actually ran out of time.

In fact, it was so windy that helped packing up the marquee of S2K UK Owners club.
Great organisation with very friendly people and been a member since last year.

Didnít take many photo due to weather but while outside, most of the time was spent talking to so many people so no time for photo any way.
Once again, so many questions and admiration from all sorts of generations.
Had very late lunch....

Far better photo from sorepaws and duncan so Iíll place the link here;

Just some of the photo from my end....
Nice watching some of the actual race cars that I worked on are still there.

Looking foward for another one.


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Personal View/Self Talk


  1. NZNick's Avatar
    Your 6th picture takes me back to my first car - a metallic gold MK1 Prelude with tan Connolly leather interior. It was a great car, let down only by over-assisted PAS and a propensity to rust around the windscreen, wish had I had it from new I’m sure could have been prevented/avoided.
    This car started my Honda love, with another Prelude, two CRXs, nearly a DC5 Integra and now the NSX.
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