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Audio Head Unit service 01

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A while ago, another owner contacted me with the audio head unit issue.

The owner told me that some time ago, it started with the cracking noise when the unit was still cold.

However, once warmed up, seemed to be fine although there was imbalance between the R & L channels.

Left like that for quite some time and then eventually, it completely lost the power and nothing happens any more.

So, the head unit was hand carried to me and once opened, found this.

Normally, I wouldn't deal with any electronics components with the burnt damages.

This is still the case when refurbishing the Bose speaker AMP.

I even have my own service cost limit when it comes to the OEM audio head unit service because if it's going to exceed the limit, it's better to either find known good used unit and have it refurbished or invest into the aftermarket ICE system.

However, with the rarity of the used unit and many owners want to keep the OEM look, I'm getting more and more of the requests to try fixing it even beyond the cost limit.

After getting the authorisation from the owner and agreeing on several terms, the first target was to recover the power and then the signal quality.

No way I can re-use these connector and the FFC (Flat Flexible Cable).

Due to burnt cap, the nearby IC was also contaminated.

I just hope it's not dead yet….

I know someone who can help me reflowing this but not something I would try considering the cost.