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EPS Controller Service 01

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This is from last month but been super busy since before Christmas so updating the blog just now…..

No Christmas party or New Year celebration so just kept working throughout the holiday season….

Another owner contacted me for the EPS Controller service and received the unit from one of the Honda dealer.

On inspection, all screws were at random torque and even missing one of the thermal pad so clearly, it was opened in the past.

Quite surprised that ver.-023 survived until now but the owner told me that the warning light was on for a few years.

The Honda dealer confirmed that the error code was EPS #22 so the typical failure mode.

Some of the -023 were replaced by ver.-305 but unfortunately, even this later version would eventually fail for the same reason.

Didn't like the state of the track and through-hole so extra track overlaid.

Tested the removed relays and quite surprised with the state of them.

Normally, I would see some continuity when activated the relay frequently and rapidly.

However, with this controller, one of them was in really bad shape.

Nothing happens for quite some time and gets warm.

10 min later, it started to respond but then back to open circuit.