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ABS Solenoid (Classic 1st and 2nd generation) 02

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[ Apr/2020: Still in the process of updating this post. ]

If you decided to go ahead with the overhaul and got to this point, STOP.

You should consider carrying out one test before going any further.
It will save your time.

[ Add description to stop the disassembly at this stage, test to be carried out for stuck closed as well as leaky solenoid. Warn how long operating the pump in this state.
Refer to next photo on how the feed and return ports are positioned with the obvious casting shape.
Add description on how to add fluid without the reservoir. ]

[ Mention about the possible ABS pump failure if the fluid doesn't pass through the feed port.

May want placing the photo of punctured accumulator here although in order to check it, one has to remove the accumulator that will require extra o-ring, sealing washer, etc so may not be handy for some owners.
Having said this, the owner should know the possibility of punctured accumulator if ABS error code #1 was triggered. ]
No point

[ Mention that the 2nd gen. may have its feed/return port at different position but the idea is the same so just follow the casting and reservoir design.
One will know anyway as soon as activating the ABS pump. ]

[ Mention the diagram is misleading for the 1st gen and more suited for the 2nd gen. although the position of the o-ring is enough to tell which part is doing what. ]

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