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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Cooling Sys, Brake OH, etc 04

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Always love the angle of S2000 antenna.

Makes my ancient rod antenna dated even when set at half height.

By the way, if you still have OEM rod antenna base/tube inside the boot and don't want going through all of these, you have quick option.

Long time ago in Japan, someone machined an adptor that will be inserted inside the OEM rod antenna tube.
It will allow mounting of the S2000 short antenna body.

Not sure it's the same item or not but you can get the same concept product through Marc at theNSXshop based in Japan.

With this NSX, there was no other option but to use my method as the original NSX rod antenna tube/base was already missing and the wing panel hole was already modifed.

Due to the available tunner frequency range (14MHz) of JDM/US spec audio head unit, you won't be able to cover all of the frequency range of available radio stations depending on the area you drive.
For example, UK FM radio frequency is allocated over 20MHz range so with the tunner covering only the 14MHz range, you would loose some stations depending on which way you shift the frequency using the expander.

Therefore, please select appropriate expander spec depending on the country you live.

Still, nice to be able to get radio signal in case of emergency broadcasting.


  1. Senninha's Avatar
    What a lovely treat to work on the NSX-R model ...