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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Cooling Sys, ABS Upgrade, etc 07

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I don't remember the TH butterfly angle sensor using this type of fixing screw.

Also, the paint marking was partially missing and the gasket doesn't look like OEM.

Later, being told that it was replaced in the past.

Better check the calibration/alignment as during the test driving session, noticed dead band at very low rpm.

Also, near the TH body, one of the coolant hose had pin hole as it was scratching against the sharp edge of the TH body.

After checking more than 150 areas, decided to carry out very short and gentle test driving session with careful consideration in mind due to the state of the cooling sys, brake, tyre, etc.

And immediately, even just after leaving my place, I noticed dead band in throttle response at very low rpm region.

Once on the main road, it was clear that there was problem with the engine torque.

Just no power at all despite being as 3.2L engine.

I even told the owner that it felt less torque than my 3.0L C30A NA1 NSX and just above 1.8L Mk1 MX-5 but throttle response was even worse.

On the day when the owner brought the NSX to me, I told him that there was faint misfire like vibration at idle rpm but there was no 'pop' at moderate TH angle at higher rpm range although almost all of the sound was absorbed by the loud aftermarket exh back box.

No CEL but surprised that the owner managed to pass MOT recently….

Couldn't ignore it so after some discussion, started with the basic diagnosis as there was no major engine service planed this time.

In fact, I was told that the owner will take the car to one of the main Honda dealer for the TB/WP service very soon.

Fuel pressure was fine at least at the time of measurement.

Preparation for the compression check as you don't want removing the spark plug while eng is hot if you don't know what kind of services were done in the past.