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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Final Touch

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Reset the ECU and let it re-learn all of the co-efficient figures under no load.

I knew it's going to be heavy rain on Tuesday so wanted to finish everything and carry out the final test driving session within Monday.

Set the tyre pressure as F/R = 2.2/2.7 kgf/cm2 based on the tyre model and outside temperature.
The owner arrived with much lower pressure setting (2.0/2.5) but don't think it was on purposely done.

Feedback from the test driving session.

ABS pump kicked in after activating the system only twice. Normally, under same test condition, you can do 3 times without triggering the pump. Another proof that the system is not holding the high pressure.
Steering wheel pointing towards right just a tiny bit.
Very smooth power delivery
CL tiny bit judder on launch but probably rust on the parts and improved later
Shift feeling OK although bit notchy when cold
Turn signal cancelling acted the same as other NSX so no issues
Inconsistent and very high PO reading. At 60mph cruising, it showed 7.5 - 8kgf/cm2. About 2kg at idle.
VB: 14.5V, TW: one marker below the horizontal line.
Going through the roundabouts was not so comfortable. Probably tyre pressure was too high but also the age of tyre played the role. It also felt as if something moved under load, possibly the dead bush.

Please note that with the fresh lip of the brake piston seal, you may feel extra brake pedal travel (like knock off effect at the pad/disc) before building up the pressure.
Some people may confuse it with air in the system.
This is perfectly normal and should settle after covering a few 100s miles.

Although retorqued all wheel nuts after the cool down session, only covered about 10miles and not enough at all so
please tighten them at 108Nm after you returned to your place.

Thank you for using my service and I do hope you can drive your NSX much more regularly as it's really beautiful looking sample from outside and you want keeping it healthy inside as well.