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  1. Airbag (SRS) - Capacitor Replacement

    The Supplementary Restrain System (SRS) ECU suffers from ageing capacitors the same way as many other ECUs in the NSX. Two things makes it a special issue: The SRS is a safety device and a permanently lit warning light means failing the regular vehicle checks in most countries.
    Especially the first generation ECUs (cars with only a driver's Airbag) tend to fail by shorting an important MOS-FET inside the housing which complicates repairs.

    Due ...

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    Technical Information
  2. Speaker - Capacitor Replacement

    Each of the NSX's active speakers contain an amplifier module. Similar to most of the Electronic Control Units (ECUs) in the car, the capacitors in these modules tend to fail by leaking electrolyte. Especially the first generation of amplifiers (they can be identified by at least one small green capacitors) are known to leak early (sometimes after less then ten years) and resulting in most NSX having their amplifiers replaced at least once.
    Modules with heavy leakage may ...