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16-11-2023, 09:19 PM
April 7th 2024


Thank you for registering your club for Japfest 2024. To book club tickets for your club stand, please use the code below:

Club Name: NSX Club Britain
Code: Contact me by message in NSXCB for the code

You can either use this code to book the tickets on behalf of your Club, or pass this code onto your Club Members to make their individual bookings themselves.

How to book your tickets:

1. Click here to reach the ticket page.
https://www5.shocklogic.com/scripts/jmevent/profile-login.php?Client_Id=%27KM%27&Project_Id=%27EVJ24%27&System_Id=2&fbclid=IwAR3bZk1RRwfX7OH1YrCXQDVMDvipzfaHJKnCfmK8Z 5PRd-GcIJKWvCdT9Z0

2. After entering your details, please select 'YES' to attend as a part of a club.
3. This will then prompt you to enter the code you were given above.
4. You can then proceed to book your club tickets and add ons as required.

Please ensure you select a display entry ticket if you or your members wish to display their car.

CLUB DEADLINE: Midnight on Monday 11th March 2024

The club ticket prices for 2024 are as follows:

Early Bird Club Driver Entry Ticket *includes FREE Meguiars cleaning kit* 20.00
Early Bird Club Passenger Entry Ticket: 20.00
Standard Club Driver Entry Ticket 25.00
Standard Club Passenger Entry Ticket 25.00
Adult Camping Ticket 12.00

Tickets include FREE Japfest Showguide.
Please select your Showguide while making your order.

Early Bird offer ends December 31st - so make the most of the deals today!

16-12-2023, 02:40 PM
If you book prior to December 31st the ticket includes a free Maguir cleaning kit value 99

16-12-2023, 03:59 PM
Thanks Mike,
In diary and ticket booked,
Any other takers out there?
1 Duncan
. . .

18-12-2023, 09:42 AM
I'll have to check work schedule, but I could be up for this


19-12-2023, 10:39 PM
Jim, you have a message

21-12-2023, 10:34 AM
Club passes have now sold out according to the website.

23-12-2023, 06:38 PM
Club passes have now sold out according to the website.

I was just about to post the same message.

26-12-2023, 02:54 PM
they are also doing one at goodwood. in october https://events.fastcar.co.uk/japfest-classic/

03-04-2024, 10:13 PM
Johnny no-mates here.
I applied under the NSXCB code organised by Mike just before entries closed.
That grouping didn’t generate enough numbers so I’ve been allocated into a a non specific club area.
The later OC registration with a different code may have split whatever cars may be going.
My windscreen sticker shows ‘Special Display’ T23A, which is on the outside of the track between Luffield and the infield tunnel.
For those with an OC or S2K entry, what is your club stand number?

04-04-2024, 09:45 AM
Hi Duncan,
the S2kUK stand is in area 4 Infield - I can't find any reference to the OC having a stand either - so I guess we are spread around the site. I know that there will be a Blue one on the "JDM West" Stand - wherever that is.
I did contact the organisers some time back to see if they would locate the NSX's together with the S2KUK club but I guess that must have got lost in translation.
I will be there early - you have my number give me a call.

04-04-2024, 07:32 PM
Cheers Mike, thanks for the info.

07-04-2024, 08:14 PM
Japfest 2024, it's come and gone.
With a total attendance of 7 cars, 4 in the club areas and 3 on trade stands. My apologies if anyone has been missed.

Cars in the club area.

Cars on trade stands.

Some elements of the show mirrored Castle Combe with grievous delays to get in, an hour plus on the A43 to get to the circuit turnoff.
High winds [on an old airfield - who'd thought it] precluded club banners, gazebos, tents and the like, consequently it looked more like a mixed car park rather that club stands.
Mike [Sawpaws] had secured an entry for the forum via the S2000 club followed a while after by the OC: in the event neither, severally or jointly, achieved enough NSXs for a dedicated one marque stand.

07-04-2024, 09:31 PM
I made it onto the track early (although very nearly missed the start time due traffic) and there was a silver one out on track in the afternoon too 👌

On the plus side there were only about 12 of us on my track session so far less worry about mixing with the other punters! I counted 36 on a later session.

10-04-2024, 03:57 PM
You missed a couple, you did manage to get my S2000 on there though.