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15-04-2022, 12:47 PM

If attended any events at this venue in the past or subscribed to their newsletter, probably you have already received the invitation but once again, this event is open to everyone.

Not sure can make it this year as the highest priority for me is to make the visit to Japan this year since haven't seen my parents for more than 7 years now.

Still, nice family day out with so many things to see during this event.

Our NSX is already pre-approved for the Supercar Paddock display so you can apply for the Supercar Driver Application here;


Not related to the forum or thnoc and no specific PLI required but please note that there are several pre-cautions.

You can find on their website and most likely when you receive the detailed invitation letter through email closer to the event.

They are mainly for the entry/exit time, driving through the National Park, etc.

Lots of animals at the side of the road.

If followed the previous years, the organiser would park the cars together based on the make/models.

However, Dan - the coordinator of this event for years, left the team so not sure of the arrangement this year.

Just so many things to see including the museum, Palace House, garden, monorail, etc and should be able to spot the NSX fairly easily in the paddock for a mini-meeting.

As same for all previous years and not a Club member so left the car club column blank during the application process.

If accepted, the display package includes the followings;

Your vehicle on display within the Supercar Paddocks
Complimentary Entry for 2 persons* to Beaulieu Supercar Weekend including all of the Beaulieu attraction
Access to a Supercar Drivers Marquee with light refreshments
Dedicated display vehicle entrance
*Please indicate in your application if you are planning on attending with 1 or 2 persons.

The venue map, photo, etc from last year here;



15-04-2022, 03:52 PM
I have my car booked in again - a really nice event as Kaz said lots to see and good weekend.