View Full Version : 01/May (Sun), Brands Hatch, Supercar Display, GT World Challenge

28-03-2022, 02:52 PM
It's in the middle of the bank holiday weekend and many events happening on the same day including the Goodwood Breakfast club Supercar Sunday so not sure who can make it but sharing the info.


If you like GT racing or just love to enjoy the racing atmosphere, this is a good opportunity.

MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi will be on the grid as part of Team WRT Audi.

Registration at MSV required.

If you follow the above link and scroll down halfway, you will see the link for the [ Supercar & Sports Car Display ] under the [ Off Track Entertainment ] section.

Not related to the nsxcb, thnoc, other groups on SNS, etc and no specific PLI required so anyone can attend.

Purely for the purpose of parking together, I have applied for 7 spaces under the name [ NSX Enthusiasts ] and you'll find it once you have ticked the option of [ With a club ] under [ who are you displaying your vehicle with? ] section.

Please note that during the application, you won't pay for the ticket because your application must be approved by MSV first.

Once approved and when you actually redeem, then you will go through the ticket process.

Used to be free but for this year, half-price ticket of 15 applied ONLY for the Driver.

It will be placed in your shopping basket automatically so please be careful not to order extra ticket if attending on your own.


24-04-2022, 11:58 AM

After applied, being accepted by MSV and then if you went ahead with the purchase of 50% discounted ticket (14), you should be receiving the car pass and the ticket through email shortly.