View Full Version : 08/May (Sun) - Supercar Sunday, Silverstone 500, British GT Championship

02-03-2022, 03:18 PM
It's back for 2022, the Supercar Sunday at the Silverstone 500.

Just got the email from Silverstone.
One of my favorite event that didn't happen over the last 2 years.

If following the same format as before, very casual gathering and you just park behind the paddock cafe on first come first basis.

Registration required and if approved, free 2 entry tickets per car plus the car pass.

Anyone can join, no PLI required but check T&C as there are prohibited items/activity mentioned, not related to the nsxcb or thnoc.

Seems like the organisor may ask several cars to join the parade lap.

Registration link here; https://www.silverstone.co.uk/events/intelligent-money-british-gt-championship/supercar-sunday


03-03-2022, 10:37 AM
Signed up. Thanks for sharing!

Paul G
08-03-2022, 08:16 PM
Signed up...been a while since I've made an event, be good to
Catch with some old and new faces..

20-04-2022, 09:11 PM
Kaz, Paul,

Have you been emailed by Silverstone with confirmation of acceptance yet? Nothing noticed my end.


21-04-2022, 05:47 PM
Nothing yet and won't be surprised.

For large event like F1 and MotoGP, they work throughout the year in the background.
However, for the smaller events, most likely they will focus on the immediate future event.

They are having so many events this year and almost something happening every weekend.
Just had the Superbike event over the Easter weekend.
Therefore, we may not hear from them until early May.

I discussed similar subject with other owners last month because in the past, we used to get confirmation email almost immediately after the application.

However, with their new website design, you will only see brief message stating that 'your application was successful' at the end of the process and if you missed it, you won't receive anything, not even an automated confirmation email.

For your reference, I contacted them towards the end of March as few owners asked me similar question like yours.
Contacted them at [ enquiries@silverstone.co.uk ] with my name, make/model of the car to see whether they received my application or not and within few days, they confirmed it.

Normally, not busy event but I'm quite sure they are getting similar questions from many owners of different marque so let's give them some time, wait and see for the car pass arrival.

Different venue/organisation but for one of the event at Brands Hatch last year, we only got the car pass about 4 days before the actual event day.
Not great for those wishing to book a hotel....


28-04-2022, 04:25 PM
Ticket/Car Pass received by e.mail today.

28-04-2022, 08:04 PM
Likewise! Good spot Duncan, it landed in my junk. See you there.

29-04-2022, 11:23 AM
Thank you for the updates, duncan and FlyNavy.

The car park is the same as the previous years, the one next to the Woodcote Café.
Enter from the Main gate and you just park where the official asks you to in random order.

Checked with Silverstone and this year, the access to the hospitality suites is only for the team and the team's guests.
Understandable as it's indoor setting.

Hope the weather is kind to us.


04-05-2022, 12:46 PM
I aim to get there around 8:45 - look forward to seeing you in the parking area - 4 cars! :-)

Paul G
04-05-2022, 06:24 PM
Kaz, Paul,

Have you been emailed by Silverstone with confirmation of acceptance yet? Nothing noticed my end.


Sorry no reply FlyNavy....my wife decided to fall off her horse and end up in hospital, 8 weeks later things getting better. Looks like I may not make it this weekend, even after receiving confirmation, alternator has decided to give up, not bad as first time the car has let me down in over 20 years of ownership. Hope you have a good day, hope to catch up soon.

08-05-2022, 04:56 PM
Great turn out we had 5 NSX there, good to catch up with Kaz and Duncan and to meet Max

09-05-2022, 09:36 PM
It was a pleasure meeting you all! A couple of photos from me:
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/j6aVJADjoioRHOTlwgXkd8I4gSoTTpReWUpuj-gvDSoLt5knSlxEqGGdvjfyEMIx1w6HzbYTo9c-zrG3ZbuOpYEJURFg6Zlb72HNXivXDduYuO1djDfRHHG9r5eAvi e_tF1Q-L7OKSBdHPaLQbZkz-i-_kITZAIRlrcs4mnrxy5AO-GjD_hZSFmCgeZ1w2bJp0eTcUqLehblUGr-qizoYj09o784MSQ5qJs8bOyCr_SlUCbyuvCYqK20p6kLqKo874 ut2acWwDCtE79G9Q5WbI-oGIMb_N7vR7gIEfmOwF7XFg6GdjF8vfdCvaiCvYDMvGCwbLKvF 4Mmh1eZqiOU6rwSqqCMYjbakaOW_SAdHyC2cWtwcW23845kzga aP6Lciqost9EkDk6GZWTKX-O3OfHJI_7kZVEXbDNnqman6Kt-bKJ1QN22c9b7mpFNAy5vPrrWSNEjwc2sGtnX136o3dN8f5Y-toN3V2BZJ8r5jKjlz6fus-JW88QKE7WeRgDVa0AHuKC9_Fe8JkxOKZ01vEFIsp8GMUB25pnu 8qp2wLLv_aMUi05W6TpgWjNSd_ZdusMg1p9d_TgsWtJlpMVFaW 1fUro1v2pG6C2Ry3zesFY2AmxrDH2MQw_g2yspQYLqjNZl16Zs Lbwk5wZxMD9pqFRwg4PHi8tWY82aZsw3er_IpnjKvwmouY3tpu 33YkvuSvK0lDI9XHxtRD77X2SFQ14kWzwpN2x7kUPF55AlO4H1 wyDKttTGVEvgf6k=w2160-h1023-no?authuser=0

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/MT_oZd1vAp_Lq5NIqKUvLX9ZWdcyO7YQK-h-vQW7FKKrh_KxKl7FHWS93Ijx4BWHNT0RT_RIhu4kxZ2hYwjFtj 6OVdxj3dRHpfY_e_Y6W6TinAE4IgxXn7DwKDJNN1zwxYbxAyXb Eet8-soQ21zBLrDrLE4itnDFyYD52lyURHfIEhMQp13Jam3E9aoEXZy 3TlD18VjGN6MCaTbZY-pUMDWHTQTO2C9lEYvET574RWPz7d2N0w-dqouCdVbrQa_bvoE5XZ12bX4vrgJpyM5B7R0IufxD2s6FBCkYl ly4TWU2jHt85skZaNGPpVhCvMWuksWZNS4bAO94NPRn6_6IKDE i8RXG0RoYua6uOHbpRcimhc-Uj4ekd9a-FkVBM81z_QhC3FBgttY4HmT6TFaxd45SK4eP0tT3-1CJFQR2ZwksMs0Amppet-OT1lF-A9uxC-DtTmkDosBuWTByELjQrNiPYoq0XyjLyB1WDXGD5f_bqSfc2vvM zq0IDno-nrKkWyUuF8Z70bFzPYqGrGxdtcjJF93BO7nqLKEi1krTjmWrnj 0Irq_I6pO1oO-oIWTItoiVeaMjSopWkcwIigpjrUIVjk7m6t4JOThUKHxqJyA2z-TaSTHC3gELyeSq7XzW_HoG6_QNoR1molPtW4kqXHM_k3xXSzu6 eutg7IUilIHEQtMLHa-w5CakIBJyR96lxN6NGN3WdUxL79tElpdZ7h5-djPjt6kqZJh-6LQ-QWRH-n60_0rogJ0n9_0=w2160-h1023-no?authuser=0

10-05-2022, 11:59 AM
Nice meeting some of the old and new faces at Silverstone 500.

Once updated the blog, will paste the link with extra photo.

Some of the photos from the day.....

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pw/AM-JKLU8EWwUPtEVeyUMhipLw02V5lA3IrstZvAXMrKGNVRDHanLn RuSmVmavksrLOMvJuEBggIWrzdrxBw_PBlh6ecIZg6P_NXU5rn T3EXAuNuyTSsikWyaRj0R1mdur5Bl-eglYpwk6DvkKXHpoImfbwJlyQ=w1080-h810-no?authuser=0

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pw/AM-JKLXBRXBQmU2o2xSD5jgGxwx6BdT1PAK8cMGhERA_lThhauiUr OwrBkTp_76SyqCcByxSv4DSSZRt60pKmvmaQwIilh9XSAzO78F i8qYaI8UyJdtx0iJ5bN-DLQCM9AZN6byxV6CRqnN8BzQAuerpdt2PRQ=w1080-h810-no?authuser=0

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pw/AM-JKLWv8jWQ_swfmPMF0QhlQrnTRwZEGSBoqVBwRnCUh77qXFF3T hjdpo3rAdw9Q3AmD8IxM8JLVJGdpBkNvzVZtn8lfgPmEjUzX1D 4UCddkf56XqqzHnPI8glbk87xT0eCbx88YS9n_C-NkH2CRIo_kKXVQA=w1080-h810-no?authuser=0

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pw/AM-JKLXdP7Bujt_KAkhxZ_iupTjU3WDD3n8rMgjhRtymj1Ydp1mFC Uj3EHDg_P_yoq8zATiC61Er29lkx02Sq7O5syJREd0ixVRPrdB 1YmZVjpzXDOmO__8oZ93yaw6evds_Pvc8iglfRoHSD8eenun6w 9x0GA=w1080-h810-no?authuser=0

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pw/AM-JKLWhSA1IzXfZnoumKfWGU9aYcNlqwf3KivS5bvVq4BsbkDT6I dLoCaCUej6qY_NZbfZjJc3OH-OZvPDOlyjXoG2lj0zLOIqCnHHqozu_KXVnrSQn6i2-xiuwOvR3QLmdEiPiy_lyxRjAaNM5quYSwGteOg=w1080-h810-no?authuser=0

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pw/AM-JKLVmEjX2h3L_WADhoKCLpipUBuwii1jBPEs7r0RF1NLrkDl1q QMmcpfAtC56hby5_xcD4xxrRE5BhWaCB-McwMER8Kmf9OMgX186Xn76IWdxSGUwWBlf3j79tU_ASPO8C7Qe pXJ8Cj6sdvR3SAId3-PJhw=w1080-h810-no?authuser=0

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pw/AM-JKLXrREgn53GxlP49sO_U0sVHIBG6WOv1_iBWjolQ1UWi0181s 9aGWbEmnS3joSxQG-3TgIv2Yw4kGymsZCgaFToAqp0p5KP7zNHNOvTSefJY_aQrYAOR E1i2XKGJy03rDUsaJ73iVJOftbVcq9k37MPgyQ=w1080-h762-no?authuser=0

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pw/AM-JKLWOhEnvyusvt_2wEnhBPFGmThQ9fpSCfVTWOg1Ra1Rx65pQl ZKs73gn7lul78eR1iruelYbSmuoihtK_ANVmRbYZD-m1WeUMphy_DJYct2waiGAehLeGOK7mmnFGxMysNl_2u8I6ko0p r-GhurD132JQg=w1080-h1026-no?authuser=0