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13-02-2019, 01:38 PM
As introduced by Mike (sorepaws) a few years ago, once again, Supercar Sunday is back as part of the British GT Championship Silverstone 500.
The race is for the weekend but the Supercar Sunday is, as it states, only on Sunday the 9th, June.

Experience from last year here; http://www.nsxcb.co.uk/entry.php?2293-Silverstone-Supercar-Sunday

Our NSX is already approved as the eligible supercar so the organiser is offering PAIR of free tickets.
This is not a Club event and open to all owners.

If it's the same as last few years, the car park would be just behind The Pit Stop Café at the National Paddock.

Not sure about this year but over the last two years, there was hospitality available as part of the package.
It was not clear on the ticket last year so we just asked the organiser personnel on arrival and it was at the Woodcote.
Previous year, it was at Brooklands.
Just nice to be able to get closer to the track activities and then sit down and relax in the lounge.

The detail is here https://www.silverstone.co.uk/events/british-gt-championship/

If you scroll down half way, you will see multiple tabs at the left side.
Just click on the 'Supercar Sunday Display' and you will see the detail.

The extract is as follows;

Supercar Sunday Display
On Sunday of the British GT Championship, we are planning a huge display of supercars.
If you own a supercar, we will give you a pair of FREE tickets for the Sunday event to come down and take part in our display.

Apply now by emailing supercar@silverstone.co.uk and tell us:
– Your name
– Contact number
– Make/model of your car
– Send us an image


04-03-2019, 05:49 PM
Additional information received.

Addition to the free pair of ticket plus a car pass to display your NSX inside the circuit away from the public car park,
you will have access to the Supercar Owners' Lounge with café that is situated next to the track.


25-04-2019, 06:36 PM
Another date to check in the diary ... are many planning to attend or maybe already registered?

Thanks, Paul

25-04-2019, 07:35 PM
i have been accepted :-)

25-04-2019, 07:52 PM
And moi, it was a good day out last year except for my dodgy Honda battery deciding to give up the ghost sur la route.😎

25-04-2019, 09:07 PM
Registered and accepted too.

25-04-2019, 09:11 PM
Registered and accepted too.

24-05-2019, 04:32 PM
The display area is the usual parking spot behind the Paddock Café/Bar at the National Pits/Paddock.

You'll have access to the lounge/café located at Level 1 of Brooklands hospitality building.
Just short walking distance from the dispaly area.

Addition to the free display package, you can buy ticket (per car) for the lunch time Parade lap but limited spaces.


10-06-2019, 05:43 PM
Another great gathering of some of the world’s greatest supercars again this year. The GT racing was a good spectacle but I still much prefer meeting and talking to other car owners.
A total of 5 NSX ‘s amongst the 300plus turn out and it was great to catch up with all of them, Kaz, Mike, Clive and Gary.

I got the perfect photo opportunity to compare the stock model to what I’d done to my beauty.

I also had the rare chance to photo shoot my “loud” Senna tribute car next to the great pretender that turned up.
13715 13716

But the real show stopper in my opinion was a road legal 1988 Le Mans winning Sil Cut sponsored Jag and it’s straight through exhaust was almost as loud as mine.😎
13718 13719

I’m already looking forward to next years event.

11-06-2019, 10:34 AM
Nice meeting some of you last Sunday.

Some extra photo and video in my blog as well;

Looking forward to meeting you in the future events.