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11-10-2018, 02:28 PM
Ticket pricing. Club code to be advised.
Super Early Bird Car Club Display Packages
Prices are available until 31st December 2018

Friday - 43
Saturday - 72
Sunday - 60
2-Day Fri/Sat - 82
2-Day Sat/Sun - 94
3-Day Weekend - 99

Early Bird Car Club Display Packages
Available 1st January until 31st March 2019

Friday - 45
Saturday - 75
Sunday - 62
2-Day Fri/Sat - 92
2-Day Sat/Sun - 101
3-Day Weekend - 102

Standard Car Club Display Packages
Available 1st April until 31st May 2019

Friday - 52
Saturday - 79
Sunday - 67
2-Day Fri/Sat - 102
2-Day Sat/Sun - 112
3-Day Weekend - 120

12-10-2018, 12:01 PM
The club code for 2019 is available on the THNOC WhatsApp group.

12-10-2018, 04:20 PM
And for those not on WhatsAppppp???.

12-10-2018, 06:18 PM
And for those not on WhatsAppppp???.

Then just join the party Jon :)

15-10-2018, 04:01 PM
And for those not on WhatsAppppp???.

Then message me

NSX 2000
10-12-2018, 08:45 AM
The Classic dates for 2019 are set in stone
Dates for Silverstone Classic 2019 have now been confirmed for the weekend of 26-28 July! The date had already been announced but remained ‘provisional’ until Formula One’s governing body, the FIA, formally ratified its 2019 calendar at yesterday’s meeting of its World Motor Sport Council in St Petersburg. This means that the Classic will take place two weeks after the British Grand Prix at Silverstone and the dates fall perfectly into the start of the school summer holiday.

10-12-2018, 12:11 PM
Alas going to have to give it a miss this time, hopefully normal service will resume 2020!!!!

28-02-2019, 09:59 AM
Quick update.
Once again through the generosity of Honda UK we have secured the Marquee for this event.
Book before end of March to get the 2for1 deal and stand pass.

21-03-2019, 08:40 AM
Last date for Early Bird Tickets is 31st March - at this time we only have 3 cars on the stand - save money book now

22-03-2019, 08:20 PM
I'm interested in going. IIRC from previous years, the club code is visible only to THNOC paid up members in the THNOC section of the forum? I've paid my 25 but the hidden section on the forum has not opened up for me. If a kind administrator could take a look or let me know what I've done wrong, I'd be very happy 😊

31-03-2019, 11:04 AM
Hi Mike

I've now booked for Sunday 28th

all the best Richard

31-03-2019, 03:19 PM
I'm going Friday and Saturday.
Thanks for the administrator help! :)

08-05-2019, 01:00 PM
Booked for Saturday 27th.

28-05-2019, 07:23 PM
3 days left.
The Club display package ends this Friday.


30-05-2019, 08:50 PM
Had notice today that they'd sold out of car club packages...might already be too late.

30-05-2019, 09:14 PM
Saturday package sold out long time ago and thus, any packages involving Saturday have sold out but you can still order Friday only or Sunday only Club display package at the time of writing this post.
So, if anyone interested, be quick.


11-07-2019, 12:10 PM
If you bought the ticket, your Club stand display Car Pass should be arriving through the post soon.
The actual ticket was attached to the email from 'See Tickets' when you bought the ticket as 'print at home - order no. xxxxx' pdf file.

According to the Silverstone Classic website, the Club stand is located at Blue Zone 4 and will entre the circuit through Entrance 3.
As always, after enterance 3, drive along the outskiirt of the track clockwise upto the tunnel at Copse.
Drive through the tunnel (watch out for the front nose if you have very low rideheight) and the Club stand will be towards the right, near the Paddock Cafe.


11-07-2019, 09:20 PM
How many cars are booked for each day?

13-07-2019, 04:14 PM
We have 6 cars per day, but not the same 6 everyday

NSX 2000
29-07-2019, 09:39 AM
Another year and another Silverstone Classic over. A nice Friday with warm weather, a very wet and cold Saturday, a pleasent if a bit chilly Sunday.
As usual a lovely selection of cars from various car clubs, from Audi R8's to Zephyr's and lots of things inbetween.
PistonHeads had their own section with a nice selction of PistonHead Heros, but you had to feel sorry for the AC Cobras doing their parade lap in the pouring rain!
Of course good to have a chat with all the NSX owners who made it this year and a couple of old owners who came over to visit, plus have a chat with the old MD of MUGEN Europe who some of you may remember when we visited their factory in Northampton.
Last but by no means least a big thank you to Mike for liaising with Silverstone Classic and with Honda for their Marquee. Your hard work Mike is very much appreciated.

29-07-2019, 01:17 PM
Last but by no means least a big thank you to Mike for liaising with Silverstone Classic and with Honda for their Marquee. Your hard work Mike is very much appreciated.
I’ll second that, my thanks to Mike and please relay thanks to Honda.